Hyper-V Access Denied

After reinstalling windows (now running 8.1) on my main machine and connecting to a Hyper-V server running on my server machine (Hosting Win Server 2012, etc) I encountered a problem. For some  reason it said “Access Denied. Unable to establish communication between […]”. Googling around resulted in a find of this blog post by Philip Elder. These are the steps to solve the issue:

  • Go to Component Services (%windir% -> search for  “dcomcnfg” and launch dcomcnfg.exe)
  • Go to Console Root -> Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer
  • Right click on My Computer and go to COM Security tab
  • Click on “Edit Limits…” in Access Permissions area
  • Select ANONYMOUS LOGON group and enable Remote Access permission
  • Launch Hyper-V Manager and select required VM. It should connect without any issues

Component Services


The information here is based on Philip Elder’s article. I recreated the set of steps in this blog post to make it easier for me to find this information when needed.


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